Five Successful Season
Cash Prizes Awarded
IIGF 2024 in Malasiya

Embark on a journey across continents with India’s International Groovefest (IIGF), where the rhythm of dance meets the thrill of competition. In the heart of this global dance extravaganza, dancers from around the world, united by passion, showcase their talent on a stage that knows no boundaries.

Completing 5 successful seasons; Dubai (2018), Thailand (2019), IIGF Online (2021), Pattaya (2022), and Sri Lanka (2023), Team Padanyaas has not only met but exceeded its goals, setting the stage for an ever-expanding adventure.

With 1,910 + contestants, IIGF has become a vibrant family, each member adding a unique beat to the collective rhythm. Beyond just a competition, it’s a celebration of diversity and talent on a global scale.

Every year, the winners of IIGF are awarded with cash prizes, gleaming trophies and medals along with certificates that are recognized worldwide, igniting their careers with a fiery boost.

At IIGF, we celebrate and redefine the very essence of global dance competitions.

Categories of Dance Forms accepted at IIGF

Classical Collage

IIGF 2024 | Season 6 | Malaysia

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