General Rules and Regulations:

India’s International Groovefest (IIGF)

This competition consists of an Online Audition Round, on-ground Finale and Grand Finale Round.

Finale & Grand Finale round: to be held at International Destination.

The Top 20 performers from the Finale round would perform in the Grand Finale.

The Finale and the Grand Finale will be held at an international destination. Selected contestants will be informed via call and email about the registration process.

Only the selected performers will be allowed to participate in the finale.

Every artist, escort and group leader will be provided with a unique badge that would identify them as the Official Registered Members of the Padanyaas Entertainment competition tour.

Only those carrying the official badges will be allowed to enter the auditorium.

Each round and each city will have best and limited number of participants. Entry would be closed once the limit is reached.

At any point of the time choreography can be changed/improved/improvised for the betterment.

Participants in the group performances can be added/removed/replaced before registering with a valid reason and should be intimated to the company “Padanyaas Entertainment” in written.

Changes are subject to the approval by the company.

Age group cannot be changed.

Clear quality Audio (Mp3) format needs to be mailed to , a month prior to competition date. If the quality of the track isn’t up to the mark, the contestants are bound to produce the clear quality track on rejection by the company.

All contestants/teachers/escorts travelling for IIGF are only allowed to proceed any further journey by own, once the prize distribution ceremony which is mandatory to attend is over.

Escorts that are not part of the Padanyaas Entertainment competition tour, will not be allowed to enter the venue without their entry passes


Contestants should be ready to perform at least 1 hour prior to their scheduled performance time.

Green rooms will be on sharing basis.

Before the stage performance, the contestants need to register at the registration desk at entrance where they will be given their performance slot and order number.

Participants need to be completely ready with costume & hair, make up done by them, at the time of venue registrations to get performance order number.

Performance order needs to be strictly followed.

Costume/make up /hair accompanist will not be provided by the company.

After registering at registration desk contact and check in with our Stage Manager and perform in the scheduled order unless our Stage Manager grants special permission.

Participants are allowed to perform only once.

Only original choreography & concept is allowed, copied choreography/concept will lead to disqualification of the participant/s. The final decision of disqualification is reserved with Padanyaas Entertainment team.

Spitting, chewing, tobacco consumption, smoking, throwing food wrappers is strictly prohibited in the premises of the auditorium. All the contestants are only allowed to be inside the auditorium or back stage. Loitering around within the premises will result in serious consequences


Quality of the choreography, originality, authenticity, creativity, costumes designs, X factor, overall presentation.

Judgment given by the Judge’s decision would be final and cannot be Challenged. No interventions by parents, dance teachers, escorts would be entertained. By doing so, the particular group/student will be banned forever from any championships happening anywhere in the world under Padanyaas Entertainment & IIGF.

Certificate of participation will be given to all the contestants/dance schools.

Winners will be awarded by medals & merit certificates.


Aerial acts or hanging props are not permitted.

Sufficient stage light would be provided for all the acts.

The time duration allotted for the participants includes the props setting and clearing stage after performance.

Safety measures: Haldi (turmeric), powder, flower petals, glass bangles, any type of liquid colors, hand aalta, lights, fire, knives, sharp items, matchbox, candles, oil lamps any other high-risk items are strictly prohibited, violating any of these rules might end up paying heavy fine on participant’s front. If mehendi (Henna) is required, then that should be applied before reaching destination country.

Any kind of arguments leading to staff of the company or stage manager will be a provocation for disqualification of the contestant.

Discipline, decency and code of conduct should be highly obeyed.

All contestants need to ensure the cleanliness around the property of the venue / stage / green rooms / washrooms.

The contestants will be charged for extra fine guided by the special authority in case of breach of the cleanliness.


Photography and videography not allowed. No video recording whatsoever of any performance would be entertained.

No photography is allowed, except at award ceremonies.

Video recording or unauthorized photography may lead to an entry being “adjudication only”.

Professional video recordings and professional photos will be available on pre-order during the competition.

It is the choreographer’s responsibility to inform their students and parents of this rule.


It is agreed upon entering India’s International Groovefest that Padanyaas Entertainment and its staff, its sponsors, the hotel, theater/site of the competition will not be held responsible for —

Any accident or injury that may occur to anyone participating or attending IIGF.

Padanyaas Entertainment cannot be held responsible for unforeseen flaws in theater stages that may unintentionally lead to any accident.

Contestants entering the competition and/or participating as a spectator or in any other aspect MUST assume the responsibility for any unforeseen injury.

It is the responsibility of the dance teacher and/or person in charge of participants to inform and educate all entrants, their parents, and attendees on the rules and policies of Padanyaas Entertainment.

Padanyaas entertainment and team cannot be held responsible for any kind of unforeseen situations such as loss of valuables/documents/passport/life.

It is presumed that contestants traveling for IIGF are medically fit to travel. The company will not be held responsible in case of a medical emergency.

Everyone is bound to strictly follow the reporting time given by tour operators for contest travel/sightseeing/meals timings.

Participation in IIGF event indicates permission to use any photographs or video taken during the event in promotional materials including newspapers, brochures, ads, television, videos, newsletters, Internet or any other commercial use.

Smoking/drinking/taking any intoxicated substances is strictly prohibited for entire tour and could be a punishable offence.

In case of unavoidable circumstances such as political, natural calamities, road traffic congestion etc., the relevant expenses need to be borne by the contestants.

Hotel Rules:

Accommodation check in time is 2:00 pm and check out is 10:00 am.

Washing-drying clothes inside/outside is strictly prohibited in the hotel premises.

Travelers will be responsible for any additional hotel bills, other than included in package.

Allotment of rooms will be on sharing basis.

Hotel rooms need to be kept extremely clean. Torn/ripped bed sheets, damage of Hotel property or any other damage inside the hotel rooms will be charged as per hotel norms.

Padanyaas Entertainment assumes no responsibility for forgotten luggage, awards, certificates or other items.


Participants, teachers, and studio owners agree that the time, manner, and method of judging the competition shall be solely within the discretion of the Director of Padanyaas Entertainment and that all results of a competition are final.

No teacher, participant or escort will question a judge.

The Director of Padanyaas Entertainment reserves the rights to change, delete or add any rules, regulations or policies at any time deemed necessary.

Legal disputes if any subject to Thane Jurisdiction.