World of Dance

Dance, a performing art that calms your mind and gives peace to your soul. It is a journey that goes on and on and never finishes. Once you start dancing there’s no turning back! You will surely be obsessed with it.
Dance holds a very special place in dancers’ lives. This might be for various different reasons. For some, dance might be a hobby, for some it may be a way to pass their time. Some consider it as a workout, while some make a career out of it.
Dance makes you feel alive, passionate, confident, powerful, creative and what not.
“You’re sad? Dance!” “Bored? Dance!” “Got nothing to do? Dance!”
This therapeutic activity will always cheer you up!
A dance party with your friends never hurts. It connects people even more. It builds relationships, it builds trust, and even emotional connections with others.
There are many categories in dance :
  • Freestyle
  • Hip Hop
  • Folk
  • Jazz
  • Ballet
  • Classical
  • Western
  • Contemporary
  • Ballroom etc

And of course, all countries have their traditional dance forms as well. 
How can you excel in dance?
First Step would be to join classes if you are a beginner. Even if you are an advanced dancer, joining a dance class/company would be the advisable thing to do because by doing this you can improve your style or you can learn new styles.
Secondly, you can take certified courses for dance.
Third Step – Participate as much as you can! Participation is your path to success. Participate in different competitions, championships etc.
One championship which you can be a part of is India’s International Groovefest. (IIGF)
India’s International Groovefest (IIGF), is known for organising international dance championships in various different countries around the globe. It has successfully accomplished its first two seasons in 2018 and 2019 in Dubai and Thailand respectively. IIGF welcomed over 650+ participants and 1000+ people collectively.
IIGF aims to provide a platform to all the talented dancers around the world seeking recognition, experience and an opportunity to perform on an international level. We believe that many undiscovered talents from this industry should be brought to light which would help them to prosper in the future.
Why should I participate in IIGF?
The real question here is, why shouldn’t you?
You receive exciting perks such as experience of performing on an international platform, winning cash prizes upto Rs.5 Lakhs, Medals, Trophies, Certificates, city tour of the city in which the championship is held and much more!
How can I participate in IIGF?
This year, in 2021, IIGF is taking place virtually.
To know more and participate, CLICK HERE.